Friday, November 21, 2014

Cerita Si Teteh #7 Go Ahead With Digital Thingy

For the first time, i have to learn about Digital things. I need more concern about this to work with these smart people (at new office). That means, i have to follow and understand how they work as soon as possible. I enjoy every little things that i've got from here. As we i know, Digital is a big thing. Really big thing. You can do anything with digital for work. Digital makes everything more attractive. Well, that is just my "sotoy" opinion as a new joiner.

Actually, i came from CRM Agency, but my dailt activities are focusing maintain the data and making reports, of course with excel. It's not really different here, because i have to work with Excel too. Excited to learn something new, and i hope i have two brains so i can learn faster like Einstein lol.

Have a Good Friday!

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