Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Heartbreak #2: Lessons Learned When Losing Someone

As they said, destiny.
Somehow i ask myself what's my fear the most? and i answered, "losing someone".
What i am thinking is nothing can ever replace someone like I used to know.
The emptiness that is left inside my heart when they gone.

When you're ready in love, you have to prepare for losing. You're gonna lose people in your life and realize that no matter how much time you spent or how much you appreciate them and told them so, it will never seem like it was enough.
You are not mine to lose, but i still feel like i am losing you.
I realize many things. I get mad at myself for not saying the things that i could've said. I completely understand the resistance many people feel toward the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason."
When I think about the sadness, poverty, love and death that exists in the world, it's difficult to imagine this is the way things should be.

It’s easier to focus on the bad, the negative, the pain of losing someone we love. It’s also okay and necessary to acknowledge how we feel about the bad, the negative, and the pain. It is not necessary, however, to dwell in those feelings.
The good news is that there is beauty all around me. Miracles happen every day.
I open my eyes to see it all, open my heart to experience it all. It is far more beneficial to seek the good, to give thanks for small blessings, to appreciate amazing people, to love, and to remember the happy moments in my life.
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

 Someday i'm gonna find one. Somewhere out there.

Sunny day, at the office.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cara Mendapatkan Snapchat Trophy | Bahasa Indonesia

Sosial media yang satu ini mulai mencuri hatiku setelah kamu. #eyak
eh tapi beneran, disaat yang lain pada sibuk bikin #pathdaily , aku sekarang lagi seneng mainan Snapchat. Udah pada tau dong pasti bentuknya kaya apa.

Nah, yang ini nih yang mau dibahas di sini, Snapchat itu punya trophy-trophy lucu. Kalau mau liat trophy ada di tengah atas profile Snapchat ya (gambar trophy yang jelas wk).

Inget Foursquare dong? sosmed buat check-in terus bisa dapetin badge-badge lucu tiap ada event atau setelah check in beberapa kali di satu tempat. Nah, Snapchat trophy ini bentuknya mirip seperti itu. Bedanya, kalau foursquare based on location, kalau Snapchat based on video atau foto yang kita kirim ke timeline (My Story) atau bisa dikirim personal ke friendlist.

My Snapchat Trophy
Gambar di atas adalah trophy yang udah berhasil aku dapetin. Yihaaaa!
Jadi, trophy nya dibagi dalam beberapa bagian. Ini adalah beberapa yang bisa aku jelasin di sini ya cara buat ngedapetinnya. Coba yuk!

Trophies related to Snapchat score (harus mencapai score setiap kali upload video/foto)
👶    Baby: kalau score sudah mencapai 100
🌟    Glowing star: kalau score sudah mencapai 500
✨     Sparkles: kalau score sudah mencapai 1.000
💫    Shooting star: kalau score sudah mencapai 10.000
💥    Collision symbol: kalau score sudah mencapai 50.000
🚀    Rocket ship: kalau score sudah mencapai 100.000
👻    Ghost: kalau score sudah mencapai 500.000

Trophies related to applying filters (harus menggunakan satu atau lebih filter sebelum mengupload foto/video)
👆    Finger pointing up: Kirim foto/video harus ke salah satu friendlist ya, nggak berlaku ke my story, dan harus menggunakan satu filter (bebas).
✌️     Peace sign: Kirim foto/video harus ke salah satu friendlist ya, nggak berlaku ke my story, dan harus menggunakan lebih dari satu filter (bebas).
🐼    Panda: Upload foto/video menggunakan filter black and white
Apple's Snowflake   Snowflake: Upload foto/video dengan filter temperatur dingin (freezing)
🌞    Sun with face: Upload foto/video dengan filter temperatur diatas 100° F.

Trophies related to using pen colors/drawing (harus menggunakan pen colors sebelum upload foto/video)
🍭    Lollipop: Kirim foto/video ke salah satu/lebih friendlist menggunakan 5 warna pen
🌈    Rainbow: Upload foto/video menggunakan 10/lebih warna pen
🎨    Palette: Upload foto/video menggunakan 50/lebih warna pen

Trophies related to video snaps (coba terus kirim video/foto ke my story)
📼    Videocassette tape: ini paling dasar, saat pertama kali upload foto/video
🎥    Old-school movie camera: Kirim video sebanyak 50 kali ke salah satu teman
📹    Digital video camera: Kirim video sebanyak 500 kali ke salah satu teman
🙉    Monkey holding ears: Upload video tanpa menggunakan speaker (speaker off)
🔂    Loop once: Waktu lagi ngerekan video, kameranya harus di-flip 1 kali
🔁    Loop: Waktu lagi ngerekan video, kameranya harus di-flip 5 kali
🔀    Refresh icon: Waktu lagi ngerekan video, kameranya harus di-flip 10 kali

Miscellaneous Trophies (Bagian ini baru satu yang bisa aku dapetin, hehe. Jadi ini based on many source ya)
🔦   Flashlight: When you send 10 snaps that have been clicked with the front-facing flash enabled.
🌛   Half-moon face: When you send 50 snaps taken in night mode.
👺   Japanese ogre: When you send 1000 selfies.
🔎   Magnifying glass: When you send 10 photo snaps that are zoomed in completely.
🔬   Microscope: When you send 10 video snaps in which you have zoomed.
🔠   ABCD: When you send a hundred snaps with the text font enlarged.
🍳   Egg in a frying pan: Kirim video sekitar jam 4-5 subuh ke salah satu teman

Some New Trophies (Berhubung aku juga pengguna baru Snapchat, ini adalah trophies pertama yang bisa aku dapetin)
📧   Email: Verifikasi email saat pertama kali bikin Snapchat (ada di setting)
☎️   Telephone: Verifikasi nomor handphone saat pertama kali bikin Snapchat (ada di setting)
😈   Happy devil: Screenshot aja foto/video yang ada di stories teman. Btw, ini ada notificationnya ya, jadi hati-hati buat para stalker x)). Tapi, supaya orang yang mau di screenshot nggak tau, aktivin aja airplane mode di handphone kita. Dijamin orangnya nggak bakal tau :p
👿   Sad devil: Screenshot harus 10 kali
👹   Red mask/Japanese goblin: Screenshot harus 50 kali
📻   Radio: Upload foto/video saat live story/event. Biasanya muncul saat upload (ada pilihan eventnya)
🎬   Clapper board: Upload foto/video saat live story/event 10 kali.
📠   Fax machine: Add friend pake scan code Snapchat 5 kali.

Nah, kayanya itu aja thropies nya, mungkin Snapchat akan nambahin lagi atau bikin yang lebih unik.
Hope you enjoy snap-in! I'll see you guys, soon! x

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TMI Tag Blogger Edition: Anggie Dania Puteri

It's been a loooooooooong time since my last post on January >,<
Because the sun shines again and i am back!
For the past 5 months, i had an unspoken feeling with my body conditions. I am honestly being suffered, but i don't even want to show people out there. What people need to know is i'm doing fine now. I am expert to be an introvert about this.

I was watching a few Youtube videos earlier about some "Vlogger" do the "TMI Tag". I have no idea what it is until i *Google-ing* it and oh i see, TMI stands for "Too Much Information". You just have to answer 50 random questions. I was wondering what if i do the TMI tag but in my blog (because i don't vlogging). Is anybody want to know about me? i don't think so. Like, no one cares that much, maybe. hahahaha just to make some FUN.

Let's get started!

1. What are you wearing?
* i'm wearing purple t-shirt and short (i'm not wearing my hijab because i'm in my room).
2. Have you ever been in love?
* yes.

3. Have you ever had a terrible break up?
* unfortunately yes.

4. How tall are you?
* around 160 cm.

5. How much do you weight?
* around 40 kg. I don't like if someone ask me about this. Like, "why are you so skinny?" or "What's wrong with your body?" or "eat a lot". Something like that. and you know, i really want to punch their face.

6. Any tattoos?
* No, and never ever want to.

7. Any piercings?
* i only use earrings when i was a kid.

8. OTP?
* One of my fav OTP is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Who doesn't love them? <3 childhood best friend getting married. 

9. What is your favorite show?
* ANTM, Masterchef, Dexter, Return of Superman, Running Man, and Korean drama lol.

10. Who are your favorite bands?
* I don't have any favorite bands, i just like some of their songs.

11. Something you miss?
* i miss my long hair, i miss surprises, and i miss my friends.

12. Favorite song?
* right now, Justin Bieber - Sorry.

13. How old are you?
* 28 years 12 days lol.

14. Zodiac Sign?
* 90% Taurean. Dat stubborn. geez.

15. Quality you look for in a partner?
* Body like Lee Min Ho, face like Zayn Malik, and maybe I'm just delusional.

16. What is your favorite quote?
* "and you're the place my life begins, and you'll be where it ends."

17. Who is your favorite actor?
* Ryan Gosling on The Notebook, Andrew Garfield on Spiderman 2, and Chord Overstreet on Glee.

18. Favorite colour?
* pink! lol. i know i'm 28 but pink is always the cutest. Esp. Fushia.

19. Loud music or soft?
* depends on the mood, mostly soft.

20. Where do you go when you're sad?
* i stay exactly where I am. When i'm home i'll spend my gloomy day in my room, alone under the blanket, try to sleep.

21. How long does it take you to shower?
* 5 minutes without hair treatment.

22. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
* around 30 minutes. I do my make up while breakfast, multitasking needed in the morning.

23. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
* i don't remember but i think i have ever been in a physical fight when i was in elementary. gangstah.

24. Turn ons?
* funny, friendly, warm, and play guitar or piano.

25. Turn offs?
* smelly, talk too much, care too much, all that "too much".
26. The reason you joined the blogging community?
* i just want to share my thoughts rather than just having them enclosed in my diary.

27. What are your fears?
* being rejected and losing someone.

28. Last thing that made you cry?
* while i was watching The Heirs (again), *sigh*

29. Last time you said you loved someone?
* seriously i don't remember. It's like million years ago.

30. Meaning behind your blog name?
* because i like "deer" and "dania" is my precious middle name. So, i choose "deer dania" instead of "dear diary".

31. Last book you read?
* spiritual book, hahahahaha.

32. Book you're currently reading?
* right now i don't read any book.

33. Last show you watched?

* Asia's Next Top Model on Star World.

34. Last person you talked to?
* my mother.

35. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
* friend.

36. What is your favorite food?
* sambel goreng kentang and mom's dish when Eid Fitr.

37. Place you want to visit
* Senggigi, Lombok, South Korea, Disneyland, Paris, turquoise beach all around the world.

38. Last place you were?
* my office.

39. Do you have a crush?
* Chad Michael Murray. I use his name as my very first email. You know, "mychad".

40. Last time you kissed someone?
* my family i think, because that's my birthday.

41. Last time you were insulted?
* A month ago when i went to dentist. Insulting people is like a joke for mr/ms perfect. 

42. Favorite flavor or sweet?
* Strawberry chocolate.

43. What instruments do you play?
* unlucky me i don't play any instruments.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry?
* rings. wedding ring maybe.

45. Last sport you played?
* i don't do sport, at all.

46. Last song you sang?
* Adele - All I ask.

47. Favorite pick up line?
* inhale.. exhale..

48. Have you ever used it?
* of course. every time i feel down.

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?
* i went to amusement park and had so much fun. Yippiiieeee!
50. Who should answer these questions next?
* all of you who read this!

Whoaaaaa. i finally did it. Next is your turn!
See ya,


Friday, January 8, 2016

From Jakarta to Slovenia with Love

Emang lo pikir kita-kita lupa sama ultah lo yang umurnya sekarang udah 40?


Udah kenal lama sama gue kan yah? Berapa taun deh? 15 taun kan? T____T
Apa gitu ya rasanya? Kalo udah nikah pasti udah punya anak 3. Nah ini masih begini-begini aja begajulan. Lo masih mending ya udah kawin lha gue mah apa atuh, bagai kerangka kipas angin abang gorengan T____T

Yaudah sih gitu aja gue mah gak suka basa-basi. Gak suka kode-kode. Gak suka diginiin terus!! Gak suka!! Aku cuma suka sama dia, Sha.~~

Yaudah lah Happy birthday aja!
Ucapannya udah lengkap banget di video ini.

Berawal dari kepikiran karena kayanya gak pernah kasih sesuatu yg memorable. Jadi coba bikin video ini. Awalnya udah nothing to lose  minta video dari anak-anak. Tapi ternyata responnya HEBOH hahahaha. Heboh karena lucu-lucu reaksinya. Orang pertama yg ngirim itu Tyas! *penting* *horeeee* *emejing* yang paling akhir no wonder lah, ECHA IS THE BEST. paling terakhir ngirim tapi paling bikin pengen banting hape sih liat kecupannya itu loh. Meriang.

Dan gue rasa gw perlu dikasih award atas penghargaan ngumpulin xayonz dalam waktu 1 bulan! Iyaaaak 1 bulan buat bikin ginian doang. Bikinnya sih 1 jam aja cukup. Kurang baik dan kurang cakep apa gue sha!! Sayang dia belom sadar juga :(

Eh, tapi ini bukan "ginian doang" ini perjuangan loh. Dibikin pakek cinta.

Gak usah pake quote quote lucu gitu ah. Doa yang paling tulus udah diucapin tiap solat untuk orang-orang yang disayang. Ini "hadiah" yang mungkin gak seberapa dan gak ada nilai harganya.

It's just a sincere present for you who always be there no matter where you are, who always be by my side thru thick and thin. Someone who can be my partner in crime, someone who laugh a lot more than anyone who watch comedy show, someone who stand overthere in the middle of the night only to talk from nothing to something and someone who loved.

Ini dari Kita buat Sasha ♡

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Deer Kitchen #1: Beef Burger with Onion

Tahun baru, semangat baru!

Pengen cerita tentang tahun baruan kemaren tapi di next post aja ya. Kali ini mau masuk dapur bikin cemilan sore ala kadarnya. Namanya mah dibuat-buat aja biar keren padahal mah ya emang begitu adanya >,< tapi jangan salah, ini bukan sembarang burger yang kayak dijual abang-abang burger depan komplek.
Kalau kalian mau ngemil yang lumayan sehat alias gak banyak MSG, kalian bisa coba nih "Beef Burger with Onion" ala-ala akyu. Intip-intip ya. Intip cara bikinnya sist, jangam intip instagram mantan >,<

BEEF BURGER WITH ONION (versi coba-coba)

- beef burger siap pakai, banyak dijual di supermarket
- roti/bun, dijual di supermarket yang bentuknya harus kaya burger
- daun selada dicuci bersih
- bawang bombay dipotong bagi empat bagian dan cincang halus
- mentega
- saus sambal & saus tomat

- goreng beef burger dengan mentega/minyak goreng (aku prefer mentega, goreng sampai garing supaya gurih)
- olesi roti/bun dengan mentega lalu panggang dengan api kecil
- bawang bombay ditumis pakai mentega dengan api kecil sampai harum dan berwarna kecoklatan (sebenernya ini sih yang bikin enak, karena berasa banget rasa bawangnya dan bikin gurih)
- masukan semua bahan dalam roti/bun
- voila!

Jadi deh, burger ala-ala yang hemat dan cepet bikinnya. By the way, sebenernya tadi bisa ditambah keju, tomat, mayonaise/mustard, berhubung kelupaan dan udah kelaperan jadi nggak dipake deh. Bagi yang suka keju bisa ditambahin loh. Selamat mencoba!

Resolusi 2016 minimum level: bikin cemilan sendiri (✔️)


Cute Deer