Sunday, March 11, 2012

they deserve to live happily :')

a months ago, me, my mom and my mom's friends went to WISMA TUNA GANDA PALSIGUNUNG, placed in Jalan Raya Bogor KM 28,5 Palsigunung, Cimanggis Jawa Barat. we want to share happiness on these special MOTHER'S DAY event for people who lacking on material and physical defect.
before that, we have prepared some items that they need, like rice, milk, bath soap, detergent, shampoo, diaper, etc.
when we arrived, the head office give a speech about this place, how they (the nurses) are take care of them (patient), what kind of food they feed them, and how they educate them to be someone better for their life.
after we heard about the stories behind why this place was established, we walk around and..
it ripped my heart :"( i feel so grateful to God because i can live normally like other people just not like them.. 

while i walking around inside their room, suddenly there's someone grabbed my hand, i'm about to shock because when i saw him, he is one of them. his name is Yunas (19 y/o). The nurse said that he likes me, he want to show me his room, his friends. he is attractive even he can't speak clearly. he always ask to take a picture with me, this is it..

they are a gift from God to us, to touch our heart to give them a little joy. they don't have parents, their parents didn't care about them. that's why they live in there. what a glorious, the nurses who always taking care of them, may God give them tons of happiness :)

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