Saturday, November 22, 2014

How are you, Jessica?

It's already 2 months after the most breaking news ever since i knew KPop. I talk about this </3 and after that read this </3 and then final statement from her. HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED?
I thought SNSD was eternal. But then i found those breaking news. As a SONE, i couldn't really understand why this is happening. Jessica is one of GG's lead vocal besides Taeyeon. Seriously SMent must be feel sorry losing Sica.

I know Sica is so passionate about her dream to be a fashion designer, but she came to entertain world as a singer, SNSD member (as you know, the biggest Korean female idol group) under the most dramatic agency, SMEnt. She is the first member who signed and got 7 years training. I couldn't imagine how hard she did practice. On the other side, she had to accept what SM treat her. The members are so busy with their schedule, maybe they don't much time even to see their family and friends.

Netizen surely knows that Sica has a good sense of fashion, she's so stylish, no wonder she want to become a fashion designer. Sica's fashion airport showed how she gorgeous wear anything. Check it out on Soshified

IMHO, maybe this can't be happening if SM give a chance to Sica to follow her dream, not judging her one-side to leave the group. Sica deserve to choose either she consistently on the group and build her business as well or she leave. But it looks SM has another decision, SM think that she can't go along with the group and her business at the same time. So SM give final statement that breaks SONE heart. Jessica is being forced out from GG.

I don't know, who should i trust?
Sica's statement she told that she had already received permission from the agency that she had never neglected GG's activities and that she couldn't suddenly halt her business due to her contract with her business partner after a month.

However the fact didn't said that, Sica was no able to attend fan meeting in China and she had also been excluded from GG. Sone truly know that she love her group and fellow member so much. Soshi should loves each other no matter what the situation is. and surely she never think to quit from the group. I really miss OT9. I miss the 9 member of SNSD. SONE still praying and hope she would make a comeback to group and reunited as Girls' Generation member. 

I missed the times that we almost shared
I miss the love that was almost there 
I miss the times that we use to kiss 
At least in my dreams 
Just let me take my time and reminisce 
I miss the time that we never had

What happened to us we were almost there

Whoever said it's impossible to miss when you never had

Never almost had you...

Please come back, Jung Suyeon <3

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