Thursday, January 2, 2014

one of a kind

Dear Avia,

First: i'll tell you something, don't you realized? you've been through that kind of worst feeling by yourself. and i can say this: you're strong enough to let go :)

Second: i can say i am a happy person! horaaay! (ini ceritanya belagu mau belajar nulis blog pake English, yah namanya juga Anggie. suka-suka dia lah).
People say that there's no coincidence in this world. People, Friends, Enemies, Love, Happiness, etc etc etc. I met you (maybe) for reasons. I met a new best friend. An over-thinking one, a messy one, a stubborn one, an introvert she could be, fussy, sloppy, such a cry-baby and kind hearted.
i feel blessed because you've done something unpredictable to me. Him.
This could be a new beginning of another chapter in my life.

Third: thank you for new years eve, thank you for being a good listener and good adviser, thank you for togetherness, and thank you for everything :')

*someone better is waiting for you, you just don't know yet*

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