Wednesday, December 18, 2013

been there done that

Well explained.
i've never been like this before. Love and to be loved, deeply.
But, everything changes including people, and what you feel about them.
Sometimes i feel so blind to see everything because of you. because your presence.
i wonder why.

you've changed me.
you taught me how to be brave.
you taught me how to be grateful.
you taught me to remember that life had given me another chances.

i know you're happy with your choice.
and i can't do anything about it.
i smile.

I might be more happier if i let go.
let go of you.
let go of all memories.
i promise to myself that i can do better.
no more you.
no more.

it just has to be done.
it's over.

go ahead.
go get your dreams.
i'm no longer loved by you. so do i.
you're no longer loved by me.

God knows it.

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